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Recent news articles on MoM hip implants

Lately, we saw a number of alarming articles in the press around the topics of Metal-on-Metal, Resurfacing hip prosthesis, ASR, and metal-ions/debris. This leads under patients to worries and questions concerning recent study into these metal hip prostheses. Therefor, we have collected a number of these articles for you, together with a response of dr. Koen De Smet and others:

Furthermore the article of Deborah Cohen in BMJ and the response of Justin Cobb:

In a recently published article about a study on "Risk of cancer in first seven years after metal-on-metal hip replacement compared with other bearings and general population: linkage study between the National Joint Registry of England and Wales and hospital episode statistics" by Smith e.a. (BMJ, 03-04-2012). See the Results of the study:

Results: The incidence of new diagnoses of cancer was low after hip replacement and lower than that predicted from the age and sex matched normal population. Compared with alternative
bearings, there was no evidence that metal-on-metal bearing surfaces  were associated with an increased risk of any cancer diagnosis in the seven years after surgery of patients observed for five years or more. Similarly, there was no increase in the risk of malignant melanoma or haematological,
prostate, and renal tract cancers.

In a related Finnish population based study on "Risk of cancer with metal-on-metal hip replacements" (BMJ, 25-07-2012). The conclusion is similar:

Conclusion: Metal-on-metal hip replacements are not associated with an increased overall risk of cancer during a mean follow-up of four years


Other related articles in English:

New Clinical Results Further Distance the BIRMINGHAM HIP (English)